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Bárbara Oriental

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Agneta 2022

"... we have received the best ever performance of belly dance you could imagine. It was Bárbara Carvalho that made our wedding party such a fantastic evening. She was in contact with us before, she consulted everything with us, from clothes she was wearing, to music we would like to have... She made our guest love the Arabic music and we all had absolutely great time ! 5* is too little to award Bárbara , but you have maximum 5* to give. Thank you Bárbara You made our day 🤩

Sarah Jaban 2022

“My twin brother and I hired the belly dancer for our 30th party. She was honestly, the most perfect party entertainer. Our guests were utterly mesmerised by her. She's by far the best belly dancer, I've ever seen! Am so happy to have met her, and will be sure to use her again for any future parties! Thanks again! ”

Eva 2020

"Thank you Bárbara Carvalho for the first class of Belly Dance 💯 We loved every second of it and very excited to continue and see where we will be in one year time 👸🏻You are an amazing “Master Belly Dance Facilitator” 🤗 Easy to follow you and your feminine energy lights up the room . You will inspire tousends of Women 💃🏻🔥 Thank you again 🙏🏻"
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