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"creating Processes, moods, expression and inspiration through Dance"

Just a little reminder: This dance form it's accessible for everyone that would like to try it! You too can learn it!


Your Schedule and your Goals

Your Schedule your goals

Beginners to advanced, progress in your skills, improvising, choreography, technique with props, etc. 

Your Schedule and your Goals

To arrange and discuss your personal Dance Goals to Work during the Class

Looking for a Belly Dancer for your Event?

Bárbara is an International artist with more then 10 years of experience. You can book for a live performance in your special event, dance show, party, wedding, restaurant, etc.


Would you like to book two dancers for your event?

Bárbara Oriental and Giorgia Raqs have prepared a  show even more enjoyable to your audience with this dynamic duet!


Improve your dance skills and Connect

This is a call for belly dancers and fusion lovers that have dance experience and confidence in their skills, wishing to share their passion with like minded people! If you wish to perform and work in new choreographies, projects and be part of a piece, your chance may be right here! Find out more.


Bárbara Carvalho

Bárbara is a passionate and dreamer belly dancer from Portugal, where she started her dance journey in 2006. She has learned with international master teachers, being member of Arabesk Troupe dance company for many years. Bárbara continues to explore her big passion of dance with joy and with the ambition of learning and sharing from every experience ... 

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"Thank you Bárbara Carvalho for the first class of Belly Dance 💯 We loved every second of it and very excited to continue and see where we will be in one year time 👸🏻You are an amazing “Master Belly Dance Facilitator” 🤗 Easy to follow you and your feminine energy lights up the room . You will inspire tousends of Women 💃🏻🔥 Thank you again 🙏🏻"





" I have always wanted to learn belly dancing but I thought for a long time I couldn't do it. Once I realised that only my own limiting beliefs holds me back🙄 I actually took action...💃💃💃

I recently started to learn this amazing dance from an awesome lady Barbara Carvalho, she has been dancing for over 10 years and her dancing skills are breathtaking 😍 I have to say I have long to go to perform yet 😉but already feeling the benefit of it. My posture has improved and my muscles are feeling stronger....💪 Now im just thinking that I wish I started it when I was younger... "