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Classical Series

Purchase the entire Classical Series, that includes 7 videos ( Classical Combinations with 2 parts and Classical Choreography with 5 sections)

Classical Combinations

Part 1

Learn some of my favourite Combinations of Classical Bellydance Style

Level: beginner to intermediate

Classical Choreography

Section 1

Learn this classical choreography I have created for my students.

This is section 1 of 5.

Level: beginner to intermediate


Acquire this serie if you want you are a belly dancer that want to learn how to dance with some of the most common rhythms in Belly dance Music.  

Dancing to Baladi

Some fun Bellydance movements to understand the rhythm Baladi.

Level: beginner to intermediate

Dancing to Chiftitelli

Dancing to one of my favourite rhythms. Diving in his mood.

Level: beginner to intermediate

Back to basics

This is a good serie to learn or review some of the basic movements in Bellydance. 


One of the most essential skills in Belly Dance. This serie explores my vision in improvisation and useful exercises to improve your improvisation.

Drum solo

Sharing one of my creations with the world. This is part of a drum solo choreography, full of energy and fun combinations, flutters and shimmies. 

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