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Bárbara Carvalho

Bárbara is an experienced Portuguese bellydancer based in Worthing - UK. Her style is defined by being energetic yet elegant and full of passion, developed over the last 16 years as a performer. She studied with International master teachers and was a member of Arabesk Troupe company for many years. Bárbara is known for her refined skill in Drum solos, Classic and Fusion styles.

Some of the highlights of her dance journey:

  • 1st place in Advance Raqs Sharqi at EDA festival Portugal 2022

  • Member of Juniper Project 2018 and 2022, Juniper Collective 2019 and Juniper Ascending 2021 by Alexis Southall UK

  • Teacher training course with Marta Korzum 2022

  • Organiser of Seaside Tribes Bellydance Party in Worthing 2019

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