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Flutters & BellyRolls


If you always want to learn Belly Flutter and BellyRolls, this workshop is for you!! 

Everyone has a fascination with belly movement. Flutters and belly rolls are mesmerizing, intriguing and a bit challenging! 
It´s really flattering to add a little flutter on a drum solo or even on a fusion piece! That´s why I want to share with you some tricks of how you can do it. Plus: nice combos so you can practice! 
If you have been asking me "how do you do this...?" I will be answering you on this Belly Dance Workshop! 

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For Organizer

If you are organizing a belly dance event/ festival in your town, you can bring this Workshop to live! 

Contact to discuss full packages where you can earn as well

Get the full programme of Flutters & Belly Rolls

Only available for Organizers!


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